27 October 2011

New Book: The New Imperialism, Volume 2: Interventionism, Information Warfare, and the Military-Academic Complex

Just released, and available in hardcover, paperback, or as a free e-book, this newest volume from Alert Press focuses on humanitarian interventionism, invasion, occupation, information warfare, propaganda operations, and the military-academic complex. The case studies range from Canadian universities, to WikiLeaks, Iraq, Iran, and Libya. We examine topics such as the role of myth in justifying NATO's war against Libya; the attack on civilian infrastructure in Iraq; WikiLeaks and what it tells us about torture in Iraq; relations between the U.S. and Iran, and the role of propaganda; the depth of militarization of university research in Canada; the successes of WikiLeaks in making an impact on world affairs; and the (im)possibility of "humanitarian intervention" under imperialist conditions.

  • What are the prospects for humanitarian internationalism under imperial conditions?
  • Which countries does the U.S. select as targets and what are their characteristics?
  • What can we learn about "hard power" from the two wars against Iraq?
  • What role did myths play in justifying NATO's war against Libya?
Information Warfare
  • What impact has Wikileaks had in changing U.S. foreign policy?
  • Has Wikileaks lived up to its promise of "opening governments"?
  • What do we learn about torture and U.S. war crimes from Wikileaks' Iraq War Logs?
  • What is the role of national rhetoric in the mutual antagonism between Iran and the U.S.?
  • Why does the issue of moral hypocrisy matter when it comes to interventions that some justify on humanitarian grounds?
  • How does one align torture with the defense of liberal democracy?
The Military-Academic Complex
  • What are the processes, patterns, and agents behind the militarization of university research in Canada?
  • What is the nature of the militarization of the academy?
  • Can academic research be critical and ethical when funded by the military and private defence contractors? 
These are just some of the hotly contested questions addressed by the contributors to this, the second volume from our seminar series in The New Imperialism. The contributors to this volume are: Laura Beach, Jessica Cobran, Sabrina Guerrieri, MacLean Hawley, Natalie Jansezian, and Corey Seaton, with an introduction and chapter by the volume editor and several appendices consisting of "classics" in the field by such authors as Randolph Bourne, Smedley Butler, and Mark Twain.
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