11 September 2011

9-11: Prayers for War

In the midst of the orchestrated sanctimony, the state-sanctioned piety, and the chorus of collective weeping for the American victims of an attack on a single day (11 September 2011), with selective memories that cleanse the mind of the mountains of atrocities committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere in the name of the American dead, we thought it best to share some other prayers for this day.



In the name of the Us Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines.
Our Commader Who art in the Global Green Zone,
Hallowed be thy game.

Thy fiefdom come,
Thy contract be done,
On scorched earth as it is in the Pentagon.

Give us this day
Our daily $3 billion
And grant us our excesses
As we dole out contracts even to those who attack us.

And lead us not into budget cuts,
But deliver us from democratic reckoning.

(By Max Forte)
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